Leg, Limber, Lumber, Limb

Leg, Limber, Lumber, Limb, Cape Cod Community College, Barnstable, MA, USA. October 5 – November 6, 2017
Forest, 2017, inkjet print with LED lights
The Future is Present, 2016, clamp light, plant bulb, laser print and graphite on paper
Allegory of the Cave, 2017, brick, books, rock, sea sponge, plaster, paper and chair on plywood platform
I’ve always had trouble remembering the names of things. But I know this is a beautiful rock from a time when an enormous body of water rose up from shifting ground and then dried up. Trapped by these events, encased by mud, silt and sediment, some once living beings, we now know as fossils, 2016-17, rock on plywood shelf
The Sun Comes Up, 2017, flashlight, lighting filter, granite, and pine with laser print and graphite on paper
Fragment (Post), 2017, India ink on fired porcelain formed from fabric and wood
Leg, Limber, Lumber, Limb, 2017, plaster, spray paint, enamelware, ash, and pine on birch plywood platform